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Weekly Lead Practitioner T&L Tips (Autumn Term 2016)

I have been a Lead Practitioner at an outstanding Surrey school for 14 weeks now and in the last 8 weeks I decided to share a weekly teaching and learning tip from my Twitter account.

Some of these I have thought about myself, whereas others are from my teaching colleagues at school or on Twitter.

I have decided to compile these into a blog post:

  • 08/10/2016: From one of my Lead Practitioner colleagues: Write down your questions in advance of the lesson and put initials of students’ names next to them that you might ask these to.
  • 15/10/2016: Mark your books first or last so you can measure the gap between the rest of the class.
  • 30/10/2016: Use or adapt this great crib sheet by to improve efficiency, quality and impact of feedback
  • 06/11/2016: Put your marked books into piles for the grades to input on your tracker so you can keep away from the PC!
  • 13/11/2016: Use stickers for effective marking by  
  • 20/11/2016: Use pose, pause, pounce, bounce by as a questioning strategy
  • 27/11/2016: Staple lined paper over students’ work in books if they have not left you room to give feedback next to it!
  • 04/12/2016: Use to set up folders for your Year 11 and 13 students with revision & exams resources
  • 10/12/2016: Use this learning progression mat template by  

I hope you enjoy the Christmas break!