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Overloaded? Out of Control? Press the Reset Button.

Excellent post about overloading by @headguruteacher, I particularly agree with the part about answering e-mails.


Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 09.03.51 Out of control? Time to reset.

When things get out of control, work is very stressful.  The solution is to take control.  In numerous school scenarios, I’ve found that it helps enormously to seize control out of the chaos by pressing the Reset Button: clearing it all away and starting again.  This applies to marking, behaviour management, emails, reports and general planning – every situation where things feel that they are running away from you.  When talking to teachers who are feeling that things aren’t going as well as they’d like, I find that giving them the confidence and permission to do this goes a long way. Hopefully, they then learn to give themselves the permission!


Sometimes it gets out of hand.  If you routinely set a good volume of challenging work to all of your classes, the amount of work that accumulates can be very significant.  But, as…

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KS3 New Exploring Science Example Lesson Plans

I have uploaded example lessons to the TES for the new KS3 Exploring Science.

These can be used to get a general overview for the lesson before referring to the unit guide provided by Pearson (which is quite lengthy) and are also idea ideal to refer to as a starting point for non-specialists, trainees, NQTs, last-minute cover and for (hopefully rare!) last-minute planning at certain times of the year when other priorities exist, e.g. BTEC moderation!

I have used the @teachertoolkit 5 minute digital lesson plan format to create these example lesson plans. This is a really quick and easy way to present the information clearly without having to format e.g. a word or PowerPoint document:

7Ce Example Lesson Plan-page-001 7Jd Example Lesson Plan-page-001

Here are the links to the units I have done example lesson plans for so far:

I hope these are useful and I will add to this resource bank as I create more example lesson plans for KS3.